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The artist Claritza "Musa" Morey was born in 1982 in Caracas, Venezuela.

She grew up in a family related to the fine arts, dance and music surrounded by collections of literary classics, encyclopedias, art books, history and general culture.

From an early age she has been self-taught and independent, she has constantly dedicated himself to the study of fine arts, design as well as the development of her aptitudes for music, until she was able to count on the tutoring of professionals with extensive experience in these disciplines.

Throughout her life she was fascinated by ancient civilizations such as Medieval, Gothic, Viking, Celtic, Japanese among others. I investigate their customs and architectural evolution, their arts, music, clothing, symbols and beliefs.

Thus, she has also been fond of magical and esoteric themes, epic narratives, mythological sagas, fables and myths, fairy tales, the sword and witchcraft, not forgetting historical novels.

Interests that were becoming more complex in her teenage years and that were present in her illustrations and even the music she preferred to listen to and sing. During those years she concentrated on reading everything that was within her reach, that made her feel closer to those distant realities, sometimes dark, ethereal and imaginary.

Professionally she is dedicated to the specialties such as visual arts (painting, traditional and digital illustration), sculpture, mural painting and decorative arts, music (soprano singer), graphic design (identity and advertising), web development and clothing design. She also works in the investigation of plastic arts, writing, participates in various artistic and cultural projects.

Vision & Inspiration


Her art seeks to bring harmony, expression, life and movement to her compositions, combining the academic tradition and the resources of today. The free search for creative means not only to capture ideas and dreams in a canvas, the purpose is to tell a story that moves the viewer.

"Art must overflow imaginative and colorful beauty, it must be something rebellious, capricious, curious, it must possess an atmosphere of mysticism, transmit to the viewer a dreamlike halo."

Her work is based on the observation of nature and themes that revolve around literature, mythology, folklore, fantastic art, historical art, ancient western and eastern civilizations, the fairy world and the use of symbols.

The artistic movements that inspire her are Pre-Raphaelite, Medievalism, Renaissance Art, Contemporary Classicism, Impressionism, Symbolism, Surrealism, Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts Movement.

Which have been a key factor in the formation of her artistic identity and technical development, they have even served as a source of inspiration for the constant search for knowledge and new techniques of creative expression.


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