Meet my friends and allies.

This section has its own magic, in it I include artists from various areas of creation who honor me with their support and friendship, people of great talent who embellish the world with their light and contributions.

I invite you to visit their websites, learn about their artistic work and support them, I assure you they will make you smile.

Works of art that are worth getting your hands on!


Raven Dark Creations

Dark, forest fantasy sculptures and incredible monsters!

His name is Arend Smith, an enlightened by the gods, nature lover, passionate about European culture and its myths, explorer of the mysteries of the sea.

With great mysticism and talent, he creates wonderful creatures, with a concept full of originality, he makes sculptures, masks, props, costumes, displays as well as curious and dark pets.

Lino - Exiliarte

Geometric & Kinetic Art

His name is Lino and his art challenges the senses, he masterfully mixes colors and uses the ability of the human eye to convert a 2-dimensional object, giving it a three-dimensional sensation with the use of "Additive Color Synthesis" using the model RGB (in simple words superimposes layers of color without mixing them), explores the optical charms of kineticism a visual art with life and movement.


Janara - Band

Popular medieval age back to life.

Ancient Melodies, sounds of past times, with fascinatig instruments and self-made lyres, Janara bring the spirit of popular medieval age back to life.

Janara contributes significantly to development of traditional music and they are influential to the scene of historical medievals with Benevento Longobarda.

You cannot say Janara are just playing medieval music. Their project is based on knowledge of the most ancient sounds and for this reason they are able to reproduce most of the instruments of that age.

Kryptik Wood - Band

Old English traditionals meet Celtic songs or medieval tunes.

The three musicians delight with a high technical level and interesting arrangements. All of them come from different genres of music - from classical to metal to jazz and folklore - they bring various influences into the band and like to show this in their arrangements.


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