Support is important to boost artists.

Followers, professionals, artistic groups who know art, the mythical and fairy world who enjoy, support and understand my work.
Wonderful and talented people who have been an inspiration to me.

Thank you very much to all!

Teté Rodin

Photographer and Visual Artist - Mexico

I love the artistic work of Claritza Morey since I identify with the themes of her works and style, she transports me to magical worlds full of color, other times and cultures that I personally find fascinating. Her technique, full of detail, color and harmony, transmits a joy to me that makes me feel like being inside her paintings coexisting with the characters, flora and fauna. What's more, I could even imagine the music that she listens to be inspired to create. I could spend a long time looking at each of her paintings without getting tired and enjoying every detail of them.

Claritza is a great artist full of talent that shows us her sensitivity and love for what she does; her taste for nature, the pagan, magical and medieval when it comes to capturing it by making harmonious and creative compositions.

Her work speaks a lot about the beautiful human being that she is, the positive mind that she maintains towards life. I admire her passion, the dedication, love and perseverance with which she works, the professionalism and discipline that leads her to grow more and more as an artist and above all as a human being full of spirituality, generosity, empathy and simplicity, who does not give up. and continues to transmit all that love for making art and sharing it.

Kryptik Wood

Band Folk Medieval & Celtic - Germany

"We love her art! She is so imaginative and has her very own style.
In her works she creates a great atmosphere that casts a spell on you!
Her pictures are very detailed and very tastefully colored.
Claritza's fantastic creations bring us great joy!



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