The Creative Passions


Her life has always revolved around creativity and that was manifested in each elementary school project in study notebooks (graphics and illustrations), scale models, sheets for exhibitions, creation of maps, graphite drawing was her first approach to art. In the musical area, she trained his ear and voice by listening to leading artists and empirically she started singing when was 10 years old.


Not having the possibility of tutors in her childhood, she began his learning from the age of 8 in a self-taught way through the meticulous study of drawing and painting books (Graphite, sanguine, pastel and gouache), history of art, compiling information of encyclopedias and observation of nature. Classical and popular music let her to experiment with various vocal expressions to find his style.


Imagination Overflowing

Since she was a child, she began her journey of discovery through the wonderful world of drawing and painting, all thanks to fairy tales, mythology, films and cartoons with fantastic or fairy themes.

A wide range of books were always present in her home, from encyclopedias of general culture, history, art, botany and even best sellers by the best novelists of her time, hence the seed of reading that influenced her interests and artistic curiosity.

Her preferred means of expression are graphite, charcoal, chalk pastel until she began experimenting with gouache, acrylic paints, oil paint and mixed techniques, thus achieving a great evolution in her work.

At the end of the 90s and around the year 2000, she began to carry out mixed projects that mixed mural painting to which she added reliefs to highlight the details of her projects, using materials such as plaster or cement.

During the new millennium she began her studies with tutors and participated in courses in various areas such as gouache and acrylic painting, chalk pastel, analytical drawing, human figure and even paper mache masks.


Advertising Art

Since she was a child, she felt great passion for the moving image, not finding institutions in her country to study animation, she looked for other alternatives and came across the graphic area discovering its benefits and this aroused great interest, from the study of this area professional gave free rein to another creative facet, mixing her knowledge in various areas, today she provides identity development services to people and brands dedicated to the artistic, musical, esoteric, among others.

Create graphic arts such as modern emblems, monograms, vector illustration for websites, vintage posters (Victorian and medieval) as well as fantasy, gothic, steampunk and more.

It develops responsive thematic websites of great artistic quality, with original designs and great attention to detail. Among other services is the creation of Interactive Presentations for Artists (Curriculum and Portfolio).


Alternative and Vintage

She started in music at the age of 10, her passion was awakened by the musical genres of the 60s, 70s and 80s (Rhythm and Blues, Pop, Heavy Metal, Glam and Symphonic Rock, Folk & Celtic Rock‎, Crossover, New Age , Ballad and Big Band) that she heard on the radio.

Given the impossibility of studying music, she began her initial training empirically, until she had the opportunity to join two choral groups as a student (her music could vary from religious to folkloric) that contributed profoundly to her evolution.

Over time, these experiences helped her grow musically, being the first voice, solo singer and even promoted to assistant and then instructor.


Alternative and Vintage

From his childhood, clothing design became one of her greatest passions, which let her to be self-taught to undertake formal studies in the area of design and clothing, over the years the development of her style personal and aesthetic added to her taste for history allowed her to know the evolution of clothing, hers predilection for alternative fashion trends, vintage and retro fashion.

She growing interest in period apparel made her a follower of nostalgic medieval, Victorian, and Elizabethan design styles: tight pants, velvet jackets, top hats, ties, corsets, ankle-length skirts, lace petticoats, and more.

In addition to this, she developed accessories inspired by fantasy, literature, mythology, oriental esthetics, Gothic and Victorian aesthetics.

Necessity leads to research, so she took on the task of learning their design and manufacturing techniques.


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