Theory, Technique & Practice

From an early age Claritza showed great enthusiasm for learning, initially she dedicated herself to reading, researching and practicing from home, upon reaching adolescence she acquired a more concrete and mature vision of her objectives, from that time she began the constant search for new opportunities and teachers with whom to train professionally and develop her skills, with each passing year a new challenge was met.

"When your passion is to learn and find creative tools, that path never ends." - Claritza Morey.

Discovery, Personal Development & Artistic Growth.


I started my artistic training from childhood and learning has been continuous.

Gouache Course: Advanced.
May - July 2019
• 24 hours of study.
• Artetuyo Creative Workshop.
• Caracas Venezuela.
Introduction to Ceramics Course.
July - October 2018
• 36 hours of study.
• Fenier Pérez Fire Artist †
• Caracas Venezuela.
Painting Techniques with Pastel Chalk.
April - December 2008
• 70 hours of study.
• Atelier Constanza Benedetti †
• Caracas Venezuela.
Paper Mache Masks Workshop.
August 2005
• 12 hours of study.
• Professor Ana Martínez.
• Caracas Venezuela.
Analytical Drawing and Human Figure.
July 2003 - March 2004
• 68 hours of study.
• Atelier Ricardo Moreno.
• Caracas Venezuela.
Artistic Mosaic Design.
May 2003
• 14 hours of study.
• Professor Gladys Martínez.
• Caracas Venezuela.
Studies: Gouache, Oil Paint and Acrylic.
April 1999 - August 2001
• 244 hours of study.
• Atelier Constanza Benedetti †
• Caracas Venezuela.
Handmade Paper Making Workshop.
August 1994
• 12 hours of study.
• Professor Isabel Montero.
• Caracas Venezuela.

Putting skills and knowledge into practice.


Different artistic areas that i have exercised through the years.

Independent Artist

2001 – Present

• Creation of custom pieces for clients.
• Preparation of Traditional Drawings and Painting.
• Digital Illustration and Vector Art Projects.
• Creation of Mural Painting.
• Heraldry Artist.

Art Instructor

July 2014 – Present

• Art classes for groups of 15 to 20 students.
• Development of curriculum, course content, support materials, planning and student evaluation.

Explanation and demonstration of Theoretical-Practical:
• Teaching Color Theory.
• Chalk Pastel, Gouache and Graphite Techniques.
• Drawing classes.
• Creation of Characters, landscapes, elements, ornamental objects and composition.

Expanding Knowledge


Research projects that I have developed from an early age, which constantly go through revision and expansion.

Research and study of ancient European, Mediterranean, Asian, Near Eastern and American civilizations, emphasizing aspects such as:

• Territory, Flora and fauna.
• History, social characteristics, customs and traditions.
• Cultural Manifestations (art, architecture, crafts, music, stories, music, among others).
• Symbols, imagery, beliefs and mythology.

Study, development and research of fine arts:

• History and theory of art.
• Origin and use of pigments, artistic media, materials and artistic supports.
• Traditional and electronic tools.

The evolution of clothing in ancient civilizations until the Victorian era:

• Clothing, headdresses, jewelry and footwear.


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