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Concerns or questions asked to Claritza Morey.

Each person has their own personal universe, their beginnings, thoughts, concepts, heroes and inspirers.

Questions always arise about her work processes, methods and even how she defines her professional work. In this section, learn about professional aspects, about the creation process and how to acquire a work by the artist Claritza Morey.


Ideas and work process.

1. How long does it take to make a painting or illustration?

It is difficult to calculate time, complexity, technique, dimensions and even inspiration must be taken into account. If it involves a single work or a set that is connected to each other, a pictorial work of art is not only a beautiful image, it must Telling a story by itself requires research and development of the main idea. It can last for hours, weeks, or if it takes months.

2. What are your techniques and with what style do you define yourself?

In my beginnings I worked with traditional techniques such as pencil, pastel chalk, acrylic and oil painting until digital art came into my life so my build increased, I really like working with mixed media.

With regard to digital art, I search the internet for references to landscapes, objects and textures, when it is necessary to photograph my models and make my sketches in pencil, which I scan and paint.

Regarding the theme, my works can vary according to the theme that I want to develop, my personal work is generally inspired by literature, ancient civilizations and fantasy.

3. How did you learn to draw?

I started being self-taught since I was a child, I was always surrounded by many encyclopedias so thanks to my passion for reading it helped me a lot, when I started to draw it was thanks to cartoons, it was my hobby, which later became something of great importance in my life, with this I learned not only about art but also about ancient history, mythology and the search for ideas led me to literature, today I continue to develop my studies extending my art to the audiovisual.

4. What artists do you admire?

In the traditional arts the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt, Edward Burne-Jones, John William Waterhouse, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Frederic Leighton and John Collier) as well as William Morris associated with the British Arts and Crafts movement. Visionaries like Alphonse Mucha, Arthur Rackham and Georges Méliès, among others.

The geniuses of the Renaissance such as Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Donato Bramante and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Other of my favorites are Vincent van Gogh, Auguste Renoir among others.

When it comes to literature, poetry, and dramaturgy, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jack Vance, Neil Gaiman, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Abraham "Bram" Stoker, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Javier Negrete and William Shakespeare.

And how can we forget the masters of fantasy of our time such as Brian Froud, Jim Henson, Charles Vess and Guillermo del Toro.


About original custom art, gift or collectibles.

1. How can I acquire a work of art made by you?

1. Custom-made artwork:

A work made just for you, be it a specific theme that you request or a new version of one of my works, made either in traditional techniques (pastel chalk, gouache, acrylic or oil) or digital art, you should go to the section of this website "Commisions" and carefully read the instructions to request the project.

2. Visit my art and gift store.

From this website you can find:

Art Prints: These are prints of my works on quality media (thin cardboard, wood or others), whose copies are presented for sale in limited quantities and that I will be placing periodically in the store.

Gifts: Accessories, gifts and decoration that will surprise you and you will find in my store.

2. Can I use your images on my website, forum, group, etc.?

Definitely not, my works are under my copyright therefore they are protected by copyright laws, in case of authorizing the use of any of my works it must be for an institutional project, editorial or magazine article, all with prior authorization for which they must contact my agent.

3. Would you make me a free drawing?

No, I'm sorry but it's my job and like everyone I have to make a living, just like when you pay for the work of a technician to repair your PC, the satellite TV service, you cannot ask an illustrator or artist to draw free.

Each work takes time and dedication for its development, the materials to make a painting are not free, I imagine that you would not like to work for a month at your job for free.

This applies to publishers, authors of any book or project, I do not make free contributions.


Would you like to collaborate with me?

1. Do you want to invite me to be part of a project, exhibition or interview?

Communicate through my contact form, describe the project and the possible date of it, if it is within my range and my possibilities to participate I will take it into account.

I answer my emails within a period of no more than 72 hours, if it passes this period (it is likely that your message has not arrived), if so, try to communicate with me through Instagram if you deem it necessary.

Thank you for considering me for your invitation.


For more information or buy an original artwork.


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